Glacial Lakes Taxidermy Mount Care

Monthly, take a damp rag and rub the trophy down thoroughly,
pushing the cloth with the hair-not against it. When through
cleaning, brush the hair to make it lie naturally. To remove
dust, employ a soft rag or feather duster. DO NOT use a vacuum.
On mounts with antlers, saturate a rag with WD40 and rub
down the antlers, thoroughly. Afterwards, take a dry cloth
and rub all the excess WD40 away. Do this annually.
If a mount becomes severely soiled, you must have it 
professionally cleaned by a qualified taxidermist. 

The only maintenance for bird mounts is to dust them. 
Use either a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster. NEVER
use a vacuum or damp cloth. Suction breaks the feathers
and moisture will ruin them.

When cleaning fish mounts, use a damp cloth to wipe
the dirt away.

The mount of any animal with fur can be cleaned in the
same way as a big-game shoulder mount.

Avoid placing mounts above an extreme heat source
(such as a fireplace) or in strong sunlight. Tobacco
smoke and grease smoke will rapidly yellow mounts.
Periodically, ALL mounts will need to be “touched-up”
to restore that lifelike look. Occasionally, an accident
occurs that damages the mount. Take these to a qualified
taxidermist before destroying, most can be repaired. 


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